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Bookkeeping Services

Day to Day Bookkeeping
During the course of your day to day business you will create accounting transactions that will require recording, either by you or a bookkeeper.  You will raise sales invoices or process sales receipts.  You will receive supplier invoices, cheque’s and other types of payments and will receive bank statements.  If you are VAT registered, you will incur VAT that will require organising and checking in preparation for a VAT return – all of this is day to day bookkeeping.

Bank Reconciliation
Every business needs to know where the money goes and the bank statement is the first place to look.  The bank account needs to be reconciled regularly so that the accounts are accurate and contain all of the bank account activity.

Monthly & Quarterly Reports
Regular reporting is very important and key to successful business.  I can set up regular reporting on the bookkeeping so that you can keep an eye on the way the business is performing.

VAT Returns
If you are VAT registered you are required by law to submit your VAT return on time, every time.  The bookkeeping is a very important part of this process and well kept books will make producing a VAT return a simple a straightforward process.  I can ensure your VAT is completed accurately and timely.

Year End Preparation
At the end of your financial year your accountant will need to see the books to prepare your year end and advise you of your corporation tax or personal tax, or both.  I can assist you in keeping your accountants work to a minimum and saving on costs.  The accounts can be prepared in a format agreed with your accountant cutting down the amount of work your accountant needs to do in order to finalise the year-end this cutting down on costs.